Rorqual pilot LF Corp I can Mine mine mine in

Title says it all.

Due to my other pilots being in an extremely pvp based Corp and my limited desire to have a ton of active accounts to juggle, my rorq pilot is on same account as my super. With this said I do not/will not give out my API’s to the rorq pilot.

I play probably close to 50 hours a week depending on family life and my swing shift job. And I’d like to be mining for the maximum amount of that on my second screen. I’m a very rich player who enjoys mining as a hobby, not as a profit maker, although I would like to run a fleet of rorqs given the opportunity.

  • My rorqual is blinged out for maximum response time.
  • I have maximum fleet buffs to help those if needed but I prefer to mine solo so I don’t have to watch the screen except for neutrals.
  • this is obviously a cyno alt as to make sure my rorq toon stays anonymous until I find a corp that fits me

Again, looking to just mine. It’s peaceful to me and slightly enjoyable.

Please contact me in game with an eve mail.

Have you heard of Goonswarm that live in Delve? Lots of mining going on there…

Need api details for that. This guy wants to mine anonymously in his rorqual. I’d suggest doing it in the same alliance as his main without api he may struggle


I am a member of Black scorpions inc. and we are small primarily EU timezone corp and we are looking to expand our member base. We are part of Mordus angels and we can offer some great space to do PvE with Guristas rats and some great places to mine. On the other hand we can offer PvP which includes small gang roams and up to large fleet capital fights.

If you want more information about us you can check our website ( or visit us in our in-game channel Scorpion’s saloon and talk to us in person

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