LFG Booster producers with teeth EUTZ


I’m looking for a EU based group that produces and mines for boosters.
I also enjoy PvP as the ISK earned needs to be blown up.

Hello Osaka Sun :wave:

If you are not affraid of hardships and are looking for a unique place to stay longturm, then~ i can present you this —> Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting! . It’s an idea of creating a government and then takeing up a role as a character were you will be roleplaying and acting as that character. (within the eve online lore and our own player made lore)

Each country has a political body and we have a government. For a country to exist it needs citizens. You will be one of them. Going about your daily life in this swarming life filled society. Were events can happen internally and externally in this country of yours as your daily life progresses within your own story.

Osaka, i am interested and in the lookout for people as you who wishes to produce boosters (among
many other things). I wish to create a company that i am interested to make for this government of mine to create more jobs for it’s citizens. Not only that, but to unlock the potential resorce of boosters for the government as well.

The government is farily new and needs alot of work but the ideas are there, the willingness and longturm potential is here as well. Not to mention the uniqeness that will make it stand out from other alliances and corporations.

Osaka? Do you remember that i mentioned hardships in the beginning?
Well, what i ment with that is that it will be hard now in the beginning and we will certainly encounter hardships later on as well when the government is established. If you are willing to stand tall and united behind this idea even through those hardships, then please do reach out to me so we can have one or several discussions in leanth and see if we can arrange something for the both of us.

With sincerety Tryme Trymsson.

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