Life in low sec belt ratting

hellow!!i play the best game EVE from 2010…but last time i m unhuppy…the reason is life in low sec! i love belt rating to kill clone soldiers and fuction rats…but last months the prizes of loots are too low!! example the burgest blueprint from 800 mil has now 160-180 mil.the clone soldiers tags from 25 mil are 13 mil…the risk is not worth it…it is such a pity for ccp who did not pay attention for this part of game… :frowning:

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I am confused, I thought what you get for them was based on what players are willing to buy them at. Did that change?

If BPC is no longer worth 800 and people only buy them at 180 what does CCP need to do? Make them drop less so demand goes up and people offer more for them?

but as far as I know there have been changes in the construction of blueprints with the consequence that prices have fallen …

CCP killed faction BS/C/F with the introduction of the build components. It is completely infeasible to build them right now, which is why BPC are worthless. Less than worthless. Even toilet paper. is worth more than the ship BPCs.



It didn’t. I sold a couple of clone soldier tags to randoms for almost 20m each in Molden Heath a few days ago.

clone soldier transporer prize in jita arround 14 mil

Dont sell in Jita then, set up shop elsewhere, there are lots of pilots who would pay more if they dont need to make too many jumps…

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Sell location for tags matters a ton.
The faction bpcs are worth less now, but if you build the ships you look at a decently nice chunk of change, even if you purchase a majority of the components from market.

No, the problem is that some of the ships can be gotten from mission LP for the hull directly avoiding scarcity changes, the increase in build cost has made the BPC for faction ships worthless now as they cannot compete with LP stores who give good rates for hulls.

How do I find the “LP Store” ? I can see the LP tab in my bank panel ( or whatever you call it ) but how do I get to it?

In station on the right hand bar, it is a shield and star.

Has all the LP stores and their LP worth in ISK.


OMG I must have been blind.
Thank you!

Regardless of the hulls being available from LP the increase in their price has still allowed for solid profit margins if you want to build them.

Great resource. Thanks for sharing it.

Got any more?

The increase in their price is directly as a result of the material cost increase, very few faction ships can be built at profit as they are cheaper buying wholesale complete from LP stores.

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Wait. You’ve supposedly played for 18 years but don’t know fuzzworks?


Something ain’t adding up hoss :smiley:

You’ve supposedly played for over a decade and you don’t know how the majority of the game works. Let alone outside tools.

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