LifeProTip for those who use Google to find information

As there is, and always has been, a lot to write about EVE ONLINE, there exists a gigantic pile of outdated information one might come by. To make sure you only get to find relatively up-to-date content using Google, first you have to search.

With the results visible …

… you click “Tools” at the right side, revealing the option “Any time”, which after further clicking reveals several time frames and the option to enter a custom one as well.

This will help you filtering out “old news” with relative ease. Please note that there is no “options” bar using Chrome on Android, desktop mode or not.

I hope this helps someone out there. :slight_smile:


Can’t find it. Desktop, Windows 10.

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Ah, I see I have made a mistake.


It is only there after you have searched once.
You then can refine the parameters of your search.
I never go to directly, I just enter search queries into the browser’s address bar.

Thanks for pointing me at this!
Editted the initial post.


Now you just made my morning, thank you.


Just making sure this stays on top.
No way this is not helpful to at least some of you out there.

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