Lifetime Mining Totals

While I love the Mining Ledger as a tool there’s a limit on the data that it shows to something like 89 days I think.

Is there some way of viewing, either in-game or externally a character’s lifetime total for mining? If not, is it possible via the API? Or is this just something that simply can’t be done?

I will freely accept that I’m a bit of an infographics nerd (in RL I’m a graphic designer), so I just want to look at a chart* really.

*Just to clarify, I want to look at a chart specifically to do with the quantity of ore that I’ve mined in Eve. I know the comedians on this forum are just waiting in the wings here armed with graphics… LOL

I suspect not. Mining Ledger hasn’t been around that long and they reset it at least once iirc. Only way AFAIK to save the data is copy to clipboard then paste in spreadsheet. I do something similar for Jita historic prices on some commodities for trending.

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Will this do?


Very droll. Amusing and droll, but possibly not that helpful. (no offence intended, genuinely)

Have a nice day, either way.

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