Lights turned off on some planets

I noticed that some of the planets I chose for my characters as their home have had their lights turned off on their dark side, and now that we don’t have orbital bombardment, it’s really hard to get a look at the dark side of a planet now. If I warp directly to the sun, and then back to a planet, I should get a full view of the sunlit side right? Wrong. Seems like warping to a planet just takes me to a set position. So I really can’t prove to anyone that my planets are inhabited anymore.

Did something change on the resolution for planets, and were these cities deleted if/when the skins were replaced? I chose these planets really carefully, making sure they were habitable, and also that they had cities viewable at the nightside, signifying they were habitable. and not being able to see the cities on them easily or take screenshots in front of them in my character’s home systems is really bothering me.

To see the other sides of a planet I basically have to slow boat around the planet. I also understand I might be missing the cities I saw before as they are on the dayside, but I would like confirmation that this is the case.


It makes sense that some planets do not have any settlement, in particular in low sec and null sec.

By visible cities you mean the bombardment points or actual city lights? It is very possible that the bombardment points’ lights on the planets were just that and got removed with the shutdown of Dust.

I saw actual city lights, around coastlines and stuff on these planets. Lots of planets used to have them, not just bombardment planets. I have not been able to find a planet with city lights anymore.

These planets are in highsec in very ancient territories and they have a habitable temperature and gravity field at the very least. (Eve does not inform us of radioactivity or air quality or any of that.)

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I remember seeing the lights myself. I thought it was great such detail existed in game.

Now, I’m going to have to look, and check it out._

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I found some lights on main important planets like Khanid Prime but they seem to be nonexistent on “unnotable” planets that formerly had them.

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Maybe they changed them to make a larger distinction between central, populated world and more remote, low populated worlds?

Smaller settlements would be harder to see from space after all. Still, got to check this ingame myself with some of the more remote worlds that looked like they were on the way to become a city world with all those lights across the plane, despite them being in some remote location.

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I too found a planet in game to use as a place of origin of character and made a map and graphic about it.
I put it even in my bio.

But never thought about it being very populated. There is no population tab for them even, or short descriptions, procedurally populated like in original Elite. Nothing like that there is at all. I think they could add some more fluff and think it would be relatively easy.

For me more serious graphically issue is lack of the icecaps and strange sizes of planets. Some populated terrestrials were giant last time I checked, and physics isnt correct for them in descriptions.


Lack of icecaps is a huge deal…No Mans Sky suffers from this as well…

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