Little lights in jita

Anyone know what these little groups of lights are above the hub in jita , seem to be in groups of 3s in 3 colours or maybe I see trig’s everywhere

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Screenshot? Probably part of construction, new structure lighting

Those are not lights. They are will o’wisps and have 9 HD. Stay clear. I think they are part of the “We already did everything else so why the f**k not” expansion.

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keep your eyes open , maybe ori is around to gather the lights to turn it into a wisp and become a big tree in the end
oh wait , wrong franchise :upside_down_face:


CCP never add stuff without a reason do they, has anyone actually seen them , just wondered

Client needs to be in window mode for that moment. (systemwide relevant hotkey: ALT+ENTER)

Press your windows key.
Type “snipping tool” and hit ENTER.

Press CTRL+N (Pressing CTRL+N doesn’t always work at first start, then just click the button)
… mark the part of the screen you wish to copy …
… and done, it’s copied.

Then you can just copy the image anywhere, as it’s in your clipboard.

Why am I telling you this?

Because you didn’t add a ■■■■■■■ screenshot. :angry:



red dot

What are you on about?
They had a reason for that one.

People couldn’t find new stuff they’ve moved into hangars/cargos/etc once there already was too much stuff in it.

It wasn’t even a bad reason …
… and the implementation is just horribly stupid and only helping a little bit …
but they had a reason.

Considering the nature of the reason I even believe that, this one time at least, it was an honest reason.

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I’m not going to lie, I lol’d so hard :rofl:

CCP trolled that reddit post hard when they released the new adverts in response to the “clear vision” thread. For some reason this reminds me of the time I was in the passenger seat driving with my father… my father was asking me if I could see fog up ahead and I said I couldn’t, and he said I needed to get my eyes checked if I couldn’t see the fog - the old man had cataracts :facepalm:


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