Linux Support Group on Discord, Slack, or some other platform?

I am tired of coming here for support when CCP doesnt do anything to support Linux players. Everything was working fine till recently when I was trying to install and set up Jack.

Just say what’s wrong, what did you have before, what did you do and why do you think it broke.

He has installed jack sound system and now it is broken. I dont know, wat this has to do with EVE.

I’m as puzzled as you are… because… EVE has sound?

You are in the Linux subforum. Probably makes more sense to ask for the IRC channel :wink:

But joking aside, what error messages do you get when you start EVE from the console? Wine is probably configured to use pulseaudio, so I guess figuring out if it supports jack and if you can configure it without recompiling or if there is a compatibility layer would be a good start.

I honestly wish that were still true :frowning:

So, you decided to install a different piece of audio software and now it doesn’t work and you’re blaming CCP for not providing Linux support just because you did something you probably shouldn’t have done?

Even if they had official Linux support, they wouldn’t / couldn’t help you with this either. You decided to tinker and you broke it. It’s on you to fix it.

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If you broke something on your installation, your are expected to go get support for your distribution. If CCP would be offering support, it would be for specific setup and/or distribution, like it use to be when they tried and people just said fsck and use Wine instead becose better on every side.

For your problem, if you try to have sound it EVE and the rest of the game is working, you probably have to winecfg and tell wine to use Jack/Alsa instead of pulseaudio. You should also say what distribution your using as they have possibily good howto on the net to fix thing but we need to know more than it does not work (what does not work)?

You probably have to specify the eve wineprefix too, like

find -iname wineenv
WINEPREFIX=/whatever/is/winnenv winecfg

then you go in the sound tab and you change the sound output to be compatible to your new setup.

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Sorry deployed with the military and internet just been installed where I am located. Installed Jack on Pop_OS(Themed Ubuntu Gnome) and the eve launcher quit working.

You say “quit working”. Did it work at some point?

If not and you want it to be the Linux launcher (the one created by CCP Snorlax) then look for @Gharim_Turen threads and comments as he’s been working on keeping it alive.

Otherwise can you try to simply use the standard Windows installer and launcher that comes with it. For several Linux distributions does this work nearly out of the box. I say “nearly”, because all you have to do is to tell WINE to run in “Windows XP”-Mode using winecfg and it will run the game including the Windows launcher. On Ubuntu 18.04 does it require dotnet40 to be installed with winetricks in addition before the game launcher works (for reasons unkown).

I am right now to setup an Pop!_OS installation to see, what goes wrong with jack and eve launcher. And btw i am tired to search solutions for problems, which are not associated with a standard installation of some linux distribution. EVE Launcher works with

  • Debian testing
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and his Derivates
  • Pop!_OS (without jack)
  • Arch Linux
  • Manjaro Linux

@Whitehound i will check the windows launcher too to make sure, it is not the launcher himself which make problems with jack.

Have EVE Online now running on Pop!_OS using

nvidia-driver 396.24.0
wine-development (3.6)
windows version set to ‘Windows XP’ with winecfg
eve windows launcher after installing corefonts with winetricks

I dont know, why dotnet40 is needed, it works without it.

Now it would be nice, someone tell me how he setup this jack clusterf*ck,
i don’t know why i should install it on a desktop environment, when i don’t need it.

So, have now EVE Online tested with jack as sound system. Both Launchers (Linux and Windowsversion) are working with jack. The tricky part is, that you must pulseaudio signals route
trough jack so that wine only see pulseaudio as sound device. Under Pop!_OS i have used

  • jackd2
  • pulseaudio-module-jack
  • qjackctl

In my home i have following configuration set

cat ~/.config/pulse/

load-module module-native-protocol-unix
load-module module-jack-sink channels=2
load-module module-jack-source channels=2
load-module module-null-sink
load-module module-stream-restore
load-module module-rescue-streams
load-module module-always-sink
load-module module-suspend-on-idle
set-default-sink jack_out
set-default-source jack_in

cat ~/.config/pulse/daemon.conf

default-sample-format = float32le
default-sample-rate = 48000
realtime-scheduling = yes
exit-idle-time = -1

Jackd was started with Qjackctl on session beginning.


Oh, i forgot, EVE Online works with jack too, not only the launchers.

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How can I become wise as you in Linux?

I’m not wise i am just doing things which are called RTFM, in this case manuals about jack, how to setup jack, using wine in conjunction with jack.

When I get time and decent internet at this FOB Ill try again. Thank you. With all the distros you played with which ones do you like the most? I play with Pop_OS just trying to support a local company thats just not into the software but the hardware. I will probably by a System76 laptop when I get back stateside.

Generally it is a good idea, using a package of soft- and hardware from one distributor. So you become support for both from him. Have seen the HP from System76, looks good, what she offers. I would prefer a desktop system, but with changing employments are a laptop more practical (btw FOB is a nice transliteration :wink: ). I am using atm Debian testing and Manjaro Linux, have begun in the 90’s with DLD, which was an Slackware derivat at this time.

EVE Online is not working on Pop_OS anymore for me. Please help me

Please be more specific. What happened, when did it happen, what are the symptoms you’re seeing.

Wine version 3.14 crashes since yesterday with error in xaudio2, independed which launcher i use. After installing xact with winetricks, Eve works again.

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