List of 3rd Party Apps & Tools

Myself, Steve, EveNova, and a couple other devs have put together an informative page to help list the many 3rd party apps and tools that are available.

If you’d like to see your app/tool listed please create a pull request.

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Hello there

EveHQ is still a valid option for fitting, character and skill planing, industry and much more.
Any chance to get it referenced ?

See and

Thanks !


@Slivo Create a PR and it will get added

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I was going to do it, but EveHQ match multiples categories and I didn’t want to ■■■■ up your list or make multiples references.

If you’re fine with that I will do it, please give me instructions otherwise :slight_smile:

EDIT : talked on tweetfleet, adding one generic category

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