What EVE 3rd party services do use outside the game?

I use “highsec buyback” (name says what it does) and “Eve gatecamp check”…again name says what it does. “Eve Mon” to plan skills out sometimes.

Sometime Zkillboard.com when I die. :sunglasses:

What services are you using and find useful?

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PYFA, EVEMon, ISKPH, jEveAssets, Pathfinder, EvePraisal, Adam4EVE, EvePortal, uniwiki, dotlan


i’ve used several that was mentioned above,
I also use evewho, eveskillboard, and OP i think you meant to link Zkillboard


Thanks - fixed typo.

evepraisal, dotlan, pyfa, evewho, zkill, fuzzwork marketdata, fuzzwork evemail, everef, eve-survival, uniwiki

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EVE Uni, Evemarketer: market overview, Ellatha: wh info, PI help (little gem)

Mobile devices: Neocom and Eve Portal

And many of the already mentioned apps.

PS: Dotlan!!!

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Pyfa, zkill, Evepraisal, dotlan maps, uniwiki, adam4eve, eveportal.


So far I’ve used EVE Gatecamp Check, EVEwho, Pyfa.
EVEportal is a nice little app. UniWiki along with few other websites. I didn’t find Dotlan very useful, though.
zKillboard is okay to learn more about a character and check some fits.

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