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Is there a list of NPCs somewhere? Some of them seem a bit tougher than others, and I was wondering if anyone made a comprehensive list. World of Warcraft wiki often has lots of detailed information about each type of mob, so I was wondering if in the last decade any fans of EVE made details on the rats.

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I hope this link will help you. It helps me:


This does helps quite a bit, but I was hoping something even more specific. Like I think blood followers are a weaker version of blood worshippers and each NPC faction has sort of an ascending order of toughness, but I can’t find a place where fans put all of it is together unlike Blizzard games where it’s easy to find information (even if it lags behind patches at times). Maybe our fandom is just either more secretive (unwilling to share information) or less dedicated (simply less interested) than WOW’s fandom?

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I think there are multiple reasons.

As EVE is all on one shard, any information about your specific source of income means you’re helping your competitors. People might indeed be more secretive.

Our player base is a bit smaller, which also means less people to keep info up to date.

Also, unlike WoW in which everyone follows pretty much the same path throughout the game and does (some of) the same missions while leveling, in EVE most players do completely different things. Personally I haven’t done one mission after I finished the tutorial and SoE epic arc 4 years ago.

Next, if you know the specifics of some obscure site in region Y, you may be one of a dozen people that know those details.

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Do a google of Chribba, Steve Ronuken, and eve online third party developement and see what you think.

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Not sure if this is what you wanted, but this link will give you the details on specific rats (i.e. DPS, HP, resists, chase speed, orbit speed, orbit distance, ewar).

No P2W

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Ummm, yes this is in fact what I was looking for. Don’t know why it didn’t turn up on google.

Thank you/ Arigatō

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