List of systems and sec levels?

Is there a downloadable list of all systems and their sec level?

Nothing fancy. Just a 2 col file or spreadsheet of all star systems (by region would be a big plus!) and their sec level. (not looking for any SQL loads or queries)


I’ve looked at that site before.

How do I download it as something useful?

All I see are options for Gif or PDF.


Have a look at

The file you want is

Then pick the columns you need.
Remember in game you see the Security value rounded to one place with anything below zero reported as zero. There’s game mechanic reasons for this.
Security Class is something different.

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That means if a system is -0.2 it will just show as 0? A -1.0 will be 0?

Yes. Well actually. No. I’m wrong…
All systems below zero are null-sec systems. Actually, I think they are now displayed as negative numbers. I’m not a regular visitor to null - all I need to know is its null-sec be careful.
Bit more detail in the Eve University pages

Edited after I checked and found I was wrong… Oops.

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The file was good but turned out my concept won’t work. :disappointed:

I’ll have to try something else.


What were you trying to achieve?
There may be another way to do it.

I had the thought: What would EDEN look like if it was a land mass? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wanted to create a topo map of EDEN using the security level of systems as the elevation figures - The .9 and 1.0 systems the peaks, the lowsec and nullsec systems as the valleies/low lands, and all the ranges inbetween showing the “vallies” and “ridge lines” of EDEN.

I think it would be a great visual representation. :+1:

That would be interesting. I’ve been thinking of something similar - in part as an excuse for learning a bit of 3D graphics in Java.

In your case I think the challenge would be turning a three dimensional point array (stars) into a surface based on another parameter. I was thinking more of a render of the cluster you could fly through.

Now, to take that and turn it into s transparent object with opacity derived from the security status could be interesting. Imagine less an island, but flying through s cloud where the denser parts are higher security status.

But that’s then into the realm of graphics programming rather than a spreadsheet work.

Might have a tinker myself…

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I think it would be great visual representation of the hisec and lowsec travel routes around EDEN.

If you try please let me know!

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Very rough and ready - Every star in New Eden.
The size is proportional to the Security of the system. The smallest are the -1.0 systems, the biggest 1.0.

The future would be to smooth the “security surface”, maybe colour it and then look at doing an animated fly through to give a better feeling for the structure. Possibly add in the lines of the jump gates.

For those interested.

  • Take the systems information from @Steve_Ronuken’s very helpful SDE archive.
  • Use Excel to scale and wrangle it and give me pre-written “sphere” commands for Povray.
  • Use a Povray script to render these spheres.

Not elegant, but it works and uses tools I’m familiar with.

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I like it as a start! :+1:

Can you put a couple of reference labels on it to identify known/major systems? (Jita, Doxi etc)

Bear in mind that your image probably goes from the top left for coordinates. People will expect it from the bottom left. so it’s ‘upside down’.

unless you’ve already accounted for that :smiley:


I think the image is correct as it is.

I would expect the major .9 and 1.0 systems like Jita and Perimeter to be in the middile-ish of the map, the big void/gap areas between lowsec and null sec on the lower right, etc.

I still think a few colored bubbles to mark notable systems like Jita would be handy as a reference.

But otherwise I like it!

Oh boy, there are assumptions that I was even worrying about that - getting the camera to point at “the middle” of the cluster (which isn’t 0,0,0) from a suitable place above or below the plane was an achievement.

It is orientated looking down from above with Stain to the bottom and Catch to the right - but that’s more accident than design.

Had a brief further play with the project and my initial idea of how to show this sort of don’t work. I’ve a nasty feeling that, as with most things, simpler is better.

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Still Work In Progress - at the stage where I can plot New Eden as a structure in space.

This is Domain as a stick and ball model. Amarr is the larger ball.
The balls are coloured by security status - Green = 1.0, Red is deep null.
The sticks are, of course, the jump gate network.
Sticks to no star are jumps to other regions.
All by procedural generation from the Eve SDE.

Misaba and the route to Providence is at the bottom.

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I was thinking a 3D rotatable pic would be great!

Good job! :+1:

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