List of Highsec Systems

Is there a way to get a list of all highsec systems in Eve? I need it for a ‘little’ project I’m working on.

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Best I can tell you is use dotlan, look at a region, and it will give you a list for the region that can be sorted by sec status.


Good idea. :+1:

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Use their list function and sort by sec status…then cnp

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My spidey sense is tingling, I suspect shenanigans are afoot.


Mayyyyyybe. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

What format do you need it in?

The base data is in the static data export:

However there are various other formats also available from that data.

So if you have a format in mind, it can be provided pretty easily.

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I need an Excel sheet with all highsec systems, so I can keep track of my chars.

I think you should be able to unzip and open
in Excel and filter out only the high sec systems.


Imported the csv in to excel. Just need to know what the securityclass id’s stand for and I should be set. Thanks to all so far.

IIRC the Security class ID’s are to do with the ores likely to be found there (that’s how dotlan uses them anyway), the true sec for systems is listed in that spreadsheet too (column V)

Steve had a downloadable list you could open with excel that included sec of system in a column. If you know how to use excel it shouldn’t be to hard from there. In fact this came up once before and he even linked it.

@Tora_Bushido asking is there is a list of high sec systems and not knowing about dotlan

new toon ? bought on ebay by chance ? or proof marmite never left Amarr hub lol

yes this is strange indeed. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Tora_Bushido Steve’s spreadsheet with the fluff taken out and the trusec rounded out to appear as it does ingame

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Thanks, even better. I couldn’t see it in column V.


In time you’ll be told who my alts are. :wink:


Oooh scary. Please don’t smite us high-sec people with the nullbear carebearness.

The fact you just equated TB and “nullbear carebearness” is really, really funny…


He shames the name Optimus

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Unoptimized Minimus might be more apt, no?

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