Little Star Logistics - High Sec + Low Sec = Lots of fun

Hello Capsuleers! I’m here today looking to recruit for .LSL. We’re seeking capsuleers from all walks of life including station traders, haulers, miners, ratters, and pvp pilots.

What We Can Offer:
:warning: Discord OOG Chat & Voice Comms
:warning: Chance to get in on the ground floor
:warning: Opportunity to learn and grow in internet spaceships
:crossed_swords: Great lowsec fights

What We Ask of you
:shield: Be willing to defend corporate owned structures
:gear: Full Character API Key
:crossed_swords: Willingness to participate in PvP fleets
:pushpin: Join Discord OOG Chat & Voice Comms

Sound like something you’re interested in? Join .LSL. in game to learn more! Please note, that we operate primarily in the EU/US time zones.

Vishnu Trild

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