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Greetings pilots of New Eden,

Little Star Logistics [.LSL.] is a small corporation located within the borders of the Gallente Federation. In this post I hope to tell you about our corporation, our history, and what we do on a daily and weekly basis.

Back in April of 2017 Little Star Logistics was founded as a private industrial and logistics corporation. Originally .LSL. was a subsidiary of Star Tide Industries but when they joined the Yulai Federation .LSL. spun off into their own independent entity. At first we decided not to grow the corporation and to keep it small and informal. With time we began to miss the community we had come to know as part of Star Tide Industries so we opened our corp to public applications.

Now with a member count of 15 and an average of 6 players online each night we’ve started expanding our operations not only into mining and industry but also into small gang PvP. Each Friday night around 23:00 NEST/UTC you can find a few of us roaming GalMil space looking for fights and having fun.

What We’re Looking For:
At this point in time we are seeking new members of all experience levels. Whether you’re a one day old clone or a seasoned bittervet we’ll gladly have you as part of our community. In particular, we’re looking for players to fill some specific areas.

:white_check_mark: Industry
For players interested in mining and industry we’re looking to start doing T2 production planetary interaction and we can really use more miners for our weekly mining fleets.

:white_check_mark: PvP
For players interested in the PvP side of things we’re looking for anyone willing to fill any role in our fleets. We need more DPS and we’re starting to look at adding logistics to our fleets. If you are experienced at PvP we will probably ask you a lot of questions and get your assistance on creating corporate doctrines and ship fittings.

What We Are Offering:
While we are a small corporation, Little Star Logistics has a few assets we can offer our members.

:white_check_mark: Taxes:
One of the major benefits of being in a player corporation is the tax rates. In NPC corporations the tax rates are 11%, Little Star Logistics has a 7% tax rate and the taxes we take from you help us fuel our structure, build corporate assets and keep our offices open.

:white_check_mark: Moon Mining:
We own an Athanor class refinery and use it to extract ore from our moon roughly twice each month. Each time an extraction is complete we form a fleet and mine as much of our ore as possible.

:white_check_mark: Corporate BPC’s & Minerals:
We offer our members use of corporate BPC’s and materials for corporate industry jobs. In the future we will be creating a system where a member can buy materials and BPC’s to use on personal projects.

:white_check_mark: BuyBack Program:
We buy all ore mined during fleets at the current 90% Jita Buy value. We buy ore, salvage, loot and planetary commodities directly from our members.

:white_check_mark: Free & Discounted Ships:
We provide free or discounted ships for our members to use. Most of our ships our built in house using corporate materials so this enables us to offer this program.

:white_check_mark: PvP Fleets:
Every Friday night at 23:00 NEST/UTC we form our “Friday Night Fights” fleet and roam through Gallente lowsec space looking for fights and fun. These fleets are relatively new and we’re all still learning.

Joining Us
If you are interested in joining us or want to learn more please join our in-game channel LSL Pub. When you’re there you’ll see more details on the exact process of becoming a member. Or, contact me using the links below:


PLEASE NOTE: We are currently at war with CODE. and if you join us you are at risk of losing anything you undock from a station. This war is ongoing and started because Little Star Logistics wouldn’t abide by the Code and buy permits for all of our members.

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Two things…

First, we have started to separate the corporation into two different groups. Little Star Logistics will be our Mining and Industry wing and Little Star Militia will be our pvp and faction warfare wing. Both sides will work closely with each other and LSMIL will ally with LSL on all wars. If you have questions join LSL Pub in game.

Second… BUMP! :slight_smile:

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Glad to see your corps are expanding and diving into new areas of game play!

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