Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Add “Hold” submenu to the Inventory popup menu so allow quick change of the Hold/Bay being viewed.
Keywords: ui, menu, cargo
Notes: In the content menu you get when you right click in an Inventory listview (Select All, Invert Selection, etc), please add a submenu that lists all available Holds in the current context (cargo, drone, ore, station, ships, etc) so that they can easily be switched between. This would be especially useful in the inventory’s “Compact Mode”.

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Suggestion: Mnemonics for popup menus.
Keywords: ui, menu, key
Notes: That feature that pretty much all UI systems have where one letter of a menu item is underlined, and you can hit that key to quickly activate that command.

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Suggestion: More columns in the “People & Places” > “Agents” listview.
Keywords: ui, sorting, agents
Notes: You can currently only sort this list by Agent name (which are almost meaningless to me). Columns for #jumps, agent type, agent/mission level, solar system, corp/faction, etc would be great.


Suggestion : Corp fitting endpoints in ESI
Keywords : ESI, third party tools, fittings

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Suggestion: An optional, alternate popup menu mode where you have to click to open submenus (instead of on mouse-over).
Keywords: ui, menu
Notes: When you’re trying to move quickly, the popup menus in the game can be difficult to use because the submenus disappear if you accidentally move your mouse outside of them. An optional mode you have to click to open a submenu, and click-away to close it/change it (and/or maybe rightclick?) could be cool.


Even a hotkey that opens the submenu for the UI element you are moused over, and it stays open until you click somewhere or hit a key, would be great.


Suggestion: Show fitting advisory warning when fitting Burst Jammer to interdiction nullified ships

Keywords: fitting, warning

Burst Jammer disables interdiction nullification feature of interceptors/T3s and this is not obvious at all. I figured that out only after being caught in a bubble.


Suggestion : create/save fleet fits in 1 link

Notes: saving fittings for every ship that been used in a specific fleet comp/fleet fitting.
1 link that shows the main dps ships, support, logi, … and each has a fitting link for these ships.

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Recently it was made possible to drag ships from selected items into a chat and it links the actual pilot and ship that you can lock. Therefore:

Suggestion: Entosis nodes should be dragable from Selected Items and the dragged text should contain System, Node Type and Node ID in the link.
Keywords: UI, selected items, command nodes, entosis process, dragable linked items
Notes: It should look like the bottom text and not like the non-descriptive, generic text at the top:


Suggestion: It should be possible to set destination/waypoint to linked Entosis Nodes.
Keywords: UI, entosis, set route, route
Notes: –

Suggestion: A way to see what we are currently locking to better use the Cancel Lock Process feature
Keywords: UI, target lock process, cancel locking, radial menu
Notes: Cancel Locking is kind of cool but it’s hard to figure out what we are currently locking to cancel certain lock-in-progress.

Suggestion: Make alliance contracts use the same pool as corp contracts.
Keywords: Contracts, Seeding
Notes: It takes 24 max skilled characters to achieve the same number of alliance contracts that a single character has corp contracts.


Suggestion: “Turn on/off” option for certain modules

Keywords: ui, right-click menu
Note: Geared more for modules with a cooldown, e.g. cloaks

Make a right-click option for certain modules that keeps them on or off. e.g. if a cloak is on, clicking “Turn on” won’t toggle it like regular clicking does.
Reasoning: More often than not- especially in tidi or panicking in a gatecamp- people hit cloak more than once, accidentally decloaking and needing to wait for that cooldown.


Implants cannot be removed if you have an active combat timer

Keywords: pods, gameplay, pvp
Notes: this is, for example, when you realize you’re about to lose your ship/pod and try to deny juicy killmails by trashing implants before you get podded.

Killboard vanity is stupid. Transparency is good. Trying to hide all the implants you lost by trashing them before you get podded does nothing but insulate players from embarrassment. HTFU, etc. To solve this, similar to how you can’t refit structures until they’re fully repaired, you cannot remove implants from your active clone if you have a combat/logoff/weapons timer.

Not a little thing - please start a thread for discussion, as I can readily see counterpoints to your stance that people would want to raise, and this thread isn’t the place for discussing ideas.

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**Suggestion: NPC standing effects jump clone recharge time. **
Keywords: UI, Jump Clone.
Note: Highsec/Lowsec/NPC Null Usage of Jump Clones could use a buff outside of Nullsec Station zero delay swapping.

Since the most recent Patch with Jump Clones. It is comforting to know I do not have to find a specialized system that has one or more clone bays to install a series of jump clones, and the concurrent dangers of losing an implant clone due to jumping.

However, Hi-sec Jump Cloning is extremely time intensive and you have to think out what do I want to do today vs. Nullsec players in their Keepstars and Fortizars swapping without time delays to whatever capsule they want for the situation.

What I am suggesting as you gain standing with an NPC corp you not only get a price reduction for jump cloning at that station, but the cooldown time for jump cloning drops the higher your standing is with that NPC corp. It won’t be zero. But maybe we can work it down to 30 minutes. Max. Which will give more flexibility. This could also make NPC Null stations viable for players moving about NPC null space as well who are not in Corps.

It will also be another incentive to run missions for NPC corps besides LP and ISK. Which adds more content and makes choosing some stations and NPC corps strategic assets. Because of their availability in various areas of space throughout EVE.

And it will open up more opportunities for HS/LS/NPC Null jumping increasing activity overall.


**Suggestion: Auto Cycle D-scan option. **
Keywords: UI, D-scan.
Note: Adding a auto-cycle D-scan function to help automate some features defensively so players are freed up when running missions and or high risk sites where they are quickly overwhelmed in situational awareness.

One of the problems that has irked me in EVE especially when trying to do Superior Sleeper Caches. Is how easy it is to be jumped by a Combat Probe user. Combat Probes tend to fix players positions alot faster than other probes. Especially if you are trying to manually maneuver a site keep the dangerous items like a deadly can or plasma container eyeballed and manually pilot and then hack its very easy to suddenly be overwhelmed. And then the scanning function of the D-scan can be overlooked or overshadowed by more pressing concerns.

And if you are not spamming the D-scan button consistently which can cause other unintentional problems on the UI. You might not catch the combat probes being deployed in your direction. And considering how many T2-T3 get much more aggressive bonuses to same said probes. You will get spotted fairly fast if you are not using ECCM which cross competes with fits and usually is not worth it.

So what is an overloaded player to do? Well add the option to “auto-cast”-“auto-cycle” now the autocycle can be set to a minimum of 10 secs. So there is that option. Or you can go longer if you think you are in a safe spot. But gives enough of a gap for a player to get the combats on you, but also enough of a chance to spot a potential threat without it being Omniscient.

It would be beneficial to players who do long range recon and exploration ops where things have to be micromanaged heavily. It would be helpful in some ways for players when doing extremely dangerous activities and allow some measure of defensive for timing but still allow the attacker the time to get an attack on you.

Although I am not sure how this will work especially if one begins to deploy defensive assets like cloak reveal which is supposed to be added in soon. Although I prefer it as a passive defensive measure with auto-cycle on. Active Defense would be a decloaking system.


You do understand that any Upwell with a clone bay has a zero cooldown on local jumps, right? This isn’t exclusive to Keepstars/Fortizars, and is absolutely available in high sec.

You should probably have a separate thread for this - it has enough nuance to merit discussion that isn’t appropriate to this thread.

Also something that should really have its own discussion thread - it’s not a ‘little thing’ and while it is a QoL improvement for the individual user it has impacts on the game well beyond that as it does change the predator/prey dynamic and folks should be able to weigh in on that.

Please avoid posting items that merit discussion here - it’s really for the stuff that is a no-brainer to everyone and lack potential for controversy. If your suggestion requires paragraphs of justification (not clarification on the features that are impacted/details of how to reproduce the current behavior that needs addressing), it needs space to be discussed.

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Suggestion: Many, many more UI pointers.
Keywords: UI, pointers
Notes: I just had a situation where some people needed to find the “Include Jump Gates in Route” setting. A pointer would have been great here, one that actually shows this UI element and not just where the AP settings are.


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