Little things / Small QoL suggestions

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@Riecheck the mouse is not a “little thing” that can be fixed.

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It is easy, It’s okay. It’s been mentioned multiple times. Should of been added by now honestly.

Suggestion: On assembly, provide a “new ship” flow with some shortcuts

Keywords: QOL

Note: When I right click and choose Assemble Ship, after assembling the ship, it should display a popup window with: Ship name field, Board Ship?/Make Active? checkbox, Don’t show this again checkbox, Cancel and OK Buttons. I don’t personally buy insurance but it could go here too. I’ve spent at least four clicks on these steps on each of the thousands of ships I’ve assembled. In a big ship hangar, finding the ship in the list after assembly and before boarding or renaming also takes extra time.

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Suggestion: When navigating Fitting Screen modules tree, right clicking any category header should have Expand All and Collapse All options.

Keywords: QOL, UI

you could add “Fit Ship” option too to the new screen

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Suggestion: A button “reinject extracted skill into skill queue” in the skill extraction window
Keywords: UI, button, skill extraction
Notes: Reduce the number of clicks and mouse movement

Suggestion: A “server refresh window” option in the 3 dots
Keywords: UI, windows, faulty window content, refresh
Notes: Ever since CCP started to push their faulty server distributed computation tech onto TQ, every new window has issues with loading content properly. For instance, yesterday I tracked “Destroy 25 NPC” ships from the Air Dailies. Today, not only is the HUD tracker gone but also all Air Dailies are gone from the Opportunities window. I’d have to relog to hopefully make this window load again, which is faaaaaaaaaaaaar from ideal. This option should force-reload the window like a client restart. Similar things happen in the Industry window where it sometimes does not register money injections into corp wallets when funds ran dry, or the Agency not loading content.

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i’ll just leave this here…

No. Lol. We dont need a mining cruiser. Thats what the barge is good for.

Suggestion: SP and Attribute info/counter on Skill Plans
Keywords: Skill Plans, Training, SP
Note: Allows to decide on SP injection and remapping for Skill Plans

Skill Plans should detail how much SP is required to train the entirety of the Skill Plan, and possibly also how much SP is required to complete it (e.g. in the case that some Skills have been trained and others not).

On this note, it might be nice to see which Attributes pertain to the Skill Plan, and even display a %age of influence each Attribute has on the entirety of the Skill plan.

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On this matter (if I understood it correctly, and in any case, thanks for reminding me since I encounter my issue a lot):

Suggestion: Module Slots Active State’s glow contrast change
Keywords: UI, Module Slot
Note: Allows for better feedback of a Module’s State.

In my case, when cloaked in a Cov-Ops Frigate, the feint glow around the module makes it very difficult to see when the space behind the Module Slot is some bright nebula or such. Increasing the glow, or allowing for the effect to be a customizable Setting (different color? glow intensity?), would allow for better contrast and feedback of the Module’s state.

I can’t count how many times I have had to move my camera around so my Cloak is over a darker backdrop of space to be able to see if my Cloak is active or not (eyes have been deteriorating as of late, apparently), sometimes even deactivating my Cloak to realize it had been active, or not realizing that I am not cloaked.

And as a preemptive comment on the matter: the “Cloak Defense” icon in the Effects Bar (above the HUD) will always be there for 15 minutes after the last Cloak activation regardless of the Cloak’s state, meaning that if I accidentally deactivate my Cloak (e.g. click on it twice), it will not provide the Feedback on this matter, not that the icon should, rather to point out how it is not a reliable feedback regarding the Module’s state.


Kinda like it was back when it was in the Info Panel (where Current System, Route, etc. appear) by default and had its own icon at the top to show/hide?
If this is the case, I support!
Dailies are rather essential to many, especially newer Capsuleers, but I think to anyone who wants a “quick-n-easy” 10k SP and 1mil ISK (or 2mil if you do all 4).

Suggestion: On-screen button at character selection screen to bring up Settings menu

Keywords: ui, character selection, settings

Note: Useful for bringing up Settings menu without keyboard

Pretty much straight forward: a button on character selection screen to bring up Settings menu without the need to press the ‘Esc’ key.

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Suggestion: Allow us the chnage the column order on windows that have columns. For example. Finance > Market Orders > My Orders

Keywords: UI, Columns, Layout

Note: Good for altering the order of the information you see on screen, especially when screen space is already at a premium, you can see the things that are important to you

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Suggestion: This notification should tell you how many jumps you are away from the facility.
Keywords: UI, industry, notifications, remote reactions, supply chain management, skill range
Notes: Since the industry window is not willing to be exact with the range and how it calculates ranges (JBs ignored, but not ignored), this notification should tell me exactly how far away I am from the facility.


Ability to queue ammunition changes during gun cycles.

Keywords: ui, reloading ammunition,
Note: Reloading ammunition is occasionally rolled back to the previously loaded ammunition.

Inspired by swapping out different frequency crystals and having the action rolled back by the server to the old frequency crystal I was trying to get swap out. This is causing me to activate the gun with the incorrect ammunition loaded.

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The Wallet user interface should suggest only LP Stores that are accessible

Keywords: ui, wallet, loyalty points
Note: Consider Factional Warfare: some systems with a Federal Defense Union station may not be controlled by the Gallente or exist in the state of a Front line at the time, so being directed there is not helpful.

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Suggestion: When multiple skills are selected in the skill queue show total skills needed
Keywords: ui, skill points, how many injectors needed
Note: When deciding how many large injectors to purchase it would be usefull to select a set of skills in the queue and see the total need skill points


Suggestion: Enable the Edit Bookmark feature in the Radial Menu in the System map.
Keywords: UI, map, system map, radial menu, edit, bookmarks
Notes: the option is there but not usable. you have to right click the bookmark to edit it…



Suggestion: Add keybind for drone guard and assist functions
Keywords: drones, keybind, ui, assist, guard, qol
Note: Drone control could be much more streamlined.

The radial menu that was added to EVE a while back streamlined a lot of things in the game when it was introduced years back. However, drone assist/guard commands still remain a long, clunky process. Instead of having to use the dropdown menus and struggling to find the intended recipient to assign drones to, it would be really cool to just hit a hotkey and click a member of your watchlist or overview. This would make using drone boats in a single pve anomaly more viable as well. Cycling clients and setting drones to guard a pilot being focused is a good strategy, made cumbersome by the dropdown menus that we’re currently stuck with using when assisting/guarding with drones.

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