Littoral ship variants

A littoral ship would be a defensive variant of an existing vessel. It may have an extra slot or slightly improved bonuses, except for one thing -

It can’t jump to adjacent systems, period and they warp faster. They act strictly as system defense.

Let me add, fot clarity’s sake - I am not interested in game balance or “geejm belluns”. I am interested in adding sorely realism, narrative design, immersivity, world building. I am not interested in getting elaborate discussions about “how the goons would immediately abuse this feature and bla bla bla”. I think this concept makes sense, strictly from a world building viewpoint, and that’s sufficient for me.

How do such arbitrary limitations on the ship make sense?

What value would this ship be in the game? Not a bad idea, you just need to elaborate.

Edit to add:

EVE physics must give fits. :smile:

I propose we strip @Khannea_Sun-Tzu of her capsuleer license due to extreme badposting on GalNet, making her next death permanent. I think the concept makes sense, strictly from a world building viewpoint, and that’s sufficient for me.


I think the reduced insanity will be beneficial for the game balance as well.


Can they go through wormholes though? What about filaments, can they use them? Can they go into abyssal space (abyssal filaments and/or PvP arena)?

Such a system defence shiptype could possibly make sense if EVE fights are currently in favour of attackers rather than defenders, and if the defenders need extra tools to make the fight more equal.

As we have seen in the recent war of PAPI versus the Imperium, without going into too much detail, there is a massive defender advantage in the game where it is much easier to defend a system than to attack a system, which led to a long siege where both sides were looking at the same stargate with plenty of structures, bubbles and players on grid. As long as players were available, a defensive force would easily deal with an equal attacking force.

So if the game needs anything, it’s extra tools in favour of attackers rather than defenders.

Even without going into the details of such a defender-favoured update, this suggestion is the opposite of what EVE needs right now.

No support.

No ■■■■.

Well no, on the more common scales it is actually the attacker that has the advantage as there is little advantage in being a defender, attackers can risk little to nothing relative to the defenders and attackers have full control over when it starts and ends.

Using the most extreme of extreme examples one that literally caused the game and the servers to buckle and break isn’t exactly the best argument.

Using the example where gameplay is broken is a good example if you want to look at ‘what should CCP fix’.

The common gameplay that is not gamebreaking has little issue in the balance between attackers and defenders. Sure, the attackers can choose the time they attack (the first time, later timers they cannot), but the defenders have the advantage of logistics and reshipping in the same system, something attackers can only do if they risk a supercarrier.

You… you don’t actually play much do you.

Also the largest issues with that scale wasn’t game balance they were literally technical issues that took away papis main advantage sucked the fun out of it and caused burn out.

Reshiping in system not only isn’t limited to super carriers but being able to pick the rf timers isn’t the same as picking when you’re attacked and when an attack stops. At best it just means it will be a slightly more convenient time for you.

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