Live on the Edge, become a Renter [EDGE Alliance}

RAZOR Alliance is now renting nullsec sovereignty systems and moons in Wicked Creek/Detorid

We have 2 options for rentals:

1st Option - Available in Wicked Creek Only

  • You can join an existing corporation within EDGE Alliance and pay 7% Ratting Taxes, Moons are available for AMMO (Alliance Moon Mining Operations) at a 40% Tax, these include R16, 32 and 64’s where available.
  • You can join as a Corporation with the same rules and options as the above but a 3b deposit is required to cover SRP in cases of Misconduct.

2nd option

  • You can rent a dedicated system at various prices based on location, sec status and Ice belt options.

Whats Unique?

  • Jump Freighter Courier Services
  • Angel Space NPCs
  • No pvp participation requirements, and you are free to PVP in nearby neutral regions if you want to
  • Active regional intel channel, ansiplex jump network, and safe citadels around the region
  • Multi linguil for German, English and Russian Speakers so language barriers are easy to mitigate.

If either of these sounds like something you’re interested in, you can contact us via Discord:

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