Loading and docking times

The game is really heavy when it comes to load a station in or out.

Please move your EVE install to a SSD which will greatly reduce the loading time, also more RAM will help even if you already have RAM to spare. And third, better microprocessor, the amount of calcs the game does when it comes to switch from a state to another is insane and tends to overwhelm the micro for a few seconds, which in bad / old micros that time dilatates a lot.

So basically: get a better computer. Other than that, try to minimize things like the amount of UI windows and tabs opened in both space and station interior, etc.

There is only so far i am prepared to go for this game, a new SSD is it, ive 32gb of RAM that should be ample

one single Eve instance uses 5.2BG ATM for me so you may not be able to use more than 5 accounts ^^

i dont have 5 accounts logged on in one instance, max 3, mainly 2


I mean really…it’s $50 after all

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Docking logo needs to be removed.


I am with you on this @Vartan_Sarkisian ever since they added the “Docking” display about a year ago loading and unloading is far too long.

However here is a couple of tricks I use and it seems to load and unload faster.

When docking at player bases, always set to external view. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for trade hubs like Jita 4. Stations don’t offer the external view option. And why would I need to see a complex 3D render of the inside of any station anyway?

CTRL+shift+F9 (default) turns off the 3D displays. Not much of a decrease in load and unload time but I notice it. In fact, I run most of the game in 2D mode. Everything is menu driven, so unless you are in love with the 3D screen saver running behind the menus this also cuts the GPU needs. Save the GPU for playing the games that actually need it.

My paranoia tells me, this is how they want the game to function. Slow as snot. Think about how much more you could accomplish with less time docking and undocking. If they fixed this one feature, I wouldn’t even complain about all the redundant jumping and completely useless autopilot. o7

Note: I run SSD and they will not change the loading and unloading time. Once the game is loaded into your RAM there is very little need to access your drive. The delays you speak of are during the game play and are caused by GPU moreso than anything else. If you have enough RAM, there are tricks to tell the OS not to bother the HDD as much. For Windows OS look at reducing your page file size and for Linux OS this is called the swap. When RAM is full the OS writes the overflow to these temporary areas.

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i dont get your point? i said i would be getting an SSD, not an entire new PC to play eve

I remember way back docking and undocking from a citadel was pretty instant, and then they changed it.
Then the stupid docking logo that takes forever,
then the gate warp animation
all things the delay how quickly you can do things
even when i click on my avatar, it must be 60 seconds of black screen before i get a laggy, ganky client come up. I do probably need an SSD though, and some of this may be down the the fact that i dont have one yet, so ill get one and ill see what imporves or doesnt. I am not expecting masses of difference and if you use SSD and experience slowness then it may make no difference at all, but they are cheap and ill try one

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Back when I swapped my old HDDs (very fast ones in raid 0 might I add) my windows start up time went from 45 seconds to… 4 seconds.

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ok, that is your windows, my wqindows is on an SSD, its a small one so dont put games on it, i meant i am not expecting masses fo difference with eve

Sounds good. I mainly went SSD because they have a longevity due to no moving parts. They run cold as an ice cube, at least the ones I have seem to run no temps. I ran a Linux diagnostic tool (S.M.A.R.T.) on them and my oldest SSD is estimating it has used 15% of its life.

I never expect miracles from them, but they are the future of data storage… until we can use DNA storage.

As mentioned above, install SATA3 or M2 NVMe SSD drive(s). It can be the first and cheapest solution to this issue. Both are OK for gaming and general purpose, but try to get ones with 500 - 1000 GB. Check the motherboard documentation if you are going to install any NVMe SSD. You didn’t mention your motherboard. There are mobos with two M.2 ports (one managed by CPU and the other one managed by the chipset). Install your drive into one managed by CPU (closer to the CPU).

Undocking lags in game can happen due to lack of RAM (especially when it’s cached to HDD/SSD). It’s not your case.

Finally, the ultimate “suggestion”. Your CPU is a high performance i7 one and it’s an 8th Gen also. For your high RAM capacity and mediocre but powerfull videocard it already works in a well loaded state. For most modern games it can be a bottleneck and EVE is CPU intensive. Because your CPU has 16xPCIev3.0 lanes and your videocard is designed to run with 8xPCIev4, it’s not clear how it will use the available lanes and it’s not clear how your other HDD/SSD/peripherals will share the available 8 lanes. If you have opened a Youtube or other video rendering window on the second monitor it can turn your CPU into an overloaded state, which will have an impact on general performance. Those video codecs are rendered by CPU not GPU. To check this just close all side apps (especially browsers) and check the CPU performance with Resource monitor (Run > resmon – CPU tab). If so, It’s time to think about a CPU upgrade also (not many options here) or to run EVE without side apps, especially video rendering apps. Ask official retailers in your area for a compatible one, but it should be one with socket LGA1151 series 300 and below TPD 95W! Therefore, the best CPU you can get is i7-9700K which will have an average score +20% compared to your CPU.

Yes and No, depending on the SSD type and how you are using them. If your SSD is a cheap QLC and you install/uninstall modern games/apps frequently it will not last long (2 - 3 years). If your SSD is TLC and you are reading data from them mainly then it can live for 20 years. It also depends by their TBW parameter. SSDs with TBW above 50 are considered good for average user.

For an M2 SSD you need a motherboard that actually has the M2 slot. You can get a 1TB M2 SSD for about £45. After installing operating system you need to go into Computer Management and actually tell the system that the new SSD is the active drive.

The latest SSDs are incredibly fast…but also more prone to bad blocks, etc, than disk drives. It’s always useful to check Event Viewer for errors, and have an app like CrystalDisk to check the SSD.

hi @Rexxar_Santaro the mobo is a Gigabyte Z390 UD: ATX, LG1151, USB 3.1, SATA 6GBs , it has 1 SSD slot on it and that has a 250gb SSD which is a 250GB WD Black™ M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD (up to 3000MB/s R | 1600MB/s W), there is about 150gb free on that, but am loathe to put games on it, but it may be worth it to test if nothing else.

I do often have browser and especially youtube open when on eve, ill see if there is any difference keeping everything else close bar the 2 eve clients

edit, did some tests

At idle with only resmon open on the CPU tab the Cpu Usage is 2 to 3%, maximum frequency (whatever that is) jumps around between 44 and 61%

with a browser open (firefox) CPU usage is between 3 and 5 % same percxentages on the maximum frequency

with the firefox open and 1 random video playing on youtube CPU is between 9 and 22% (jumps around and fluctuates a bit) maximum frequency is sat at 100% and doesnt budge

with the above eve client was not open

opened 3 eve clients over 2 monitors, (using eve o-preview to switch between 2 of the clients) with those clients open and no browser i get copu usage of between 47 amd 58%threads are sitting above 90 sometimes going into the 100s (i am not sure how the threads work or their relevancy) amx frequency 100%

same as above plus the same random youtube video and CPU is 54 to 82%, it again jumps around, mostly sitting in high 50s early 70s, max frequency again 100%

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Lots of decisions on pc specs where we decide what do we really need?

Loading times is a non issue if you have the free time to wait!

Time you wouldn’t spend on anything else is free, right? Just like ore you mine yourself is free as well. You didn’t need that free time anyway. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk:


I didn’t do any mining today just attended to some P.I then some of my alts requested to have some skill points extracted.

So thete! :hugs:

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It makes no sense. Your hardware should run even three EVE clients without issues now and with a little upgrade it can run EVE well for the next 5 years. Your EVE clients shouldn’t start in 40-50 seconds like this. I thought your 6 core CPU could be an issue, but it’s not.

Looks like you have a hybrid PC setup circa 2015-2020 with a small SSD and large HDD. I was surprised when I found a year ago that some retailers still sell $2000 PC setups with RTX4070/4080 and large capacity HDD drives. Your main 250GB SSD has low capacity even for modern web surfing notebooks and of course you shouldn’t install modern video games on it. The modern EVE game needs 40GB of disk space alone! I’ll suggest you to replace as fast as possible your HDD (for apps and games) with a 500-1000GB SATA3 SSD one. Their prices vary between $35-50 which is very cheap based on what performance they give in return.

Also check your antivirus app, if installed, it can do some heavy scan while files are in read/write mode; do a system clean , for example, with CCleaner; increase the priority of your eve.exe processes; update/check your mobo drivers. I noticed that your mobo vendor has updated drivers for different OS versions up to date 2021/2022. Take a look at these threads: