Loan acquired no longer looking

Looking for a 200m loan uncollaterized. Will pay back in full + 100m for a 300m payment in total on 4/18/2019 in 5 days.

I gotcha

confirmed and 200m received, thanks mate o7

That was fast, loan requested by a first poster and isk sent within 7 minutes…

Sometimes it just happens like that, talked to guy, says he just got back and wants some fund to get some ships to faction warfare with and doesn’t get paid to plex until next week; i like to do faction warfare too…and it’s a measly 200mil…so no skin off my back if he scams me…simple as that :wink:

300m paid in full.

Cheers Arc Hammer!

Confirming payment made in full. Thanks for the quick return payment, and enjoying blowing things up out there :smiley:

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