[LOAN] Silvermane Enterprises Presents: Prodigal Son II the Return

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #1

I’m back to “losing” at EVE, and I’m looking to kickstart my return with a little capital.

Looking for 5b @ 5% - I figure this lets me throw together a quality marauder for shitting out L4s and gives me a little play money for PvP or wormholes or whatever stupid crap I decide to do.

Yes, this means I don’t have a “cool market gimmick” I’m trying to hunt down capital for - this is just a straight, uncollateralized loan. Looking to have 1 person fill the entirety of it, with payments starting on the 1st of each month starting in January.

Flames/questions/etc below. Thanks!

(Elizabeth Norn) #2

As offered, I’ll fill this.

ISK sent.

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #3

January interest sent.

(Elizabeth Norn) #4

December, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

Received, thanks.

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #5

I said starting in January in OP :stuck_out_tongue:

But we can discuss sussing out a december interest payment, sure.

(Elizabeth Norn) #6

Paid in January, but it was for the borrowing during December. I gave you the ISK right at the end of November so I’m not expecting any more payments until next month.

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #7

Oh, terminology confusion on my part then lol.

I just paid you an extra 250m in interest anyway so we’re gucci :slight_smile:

(system) #8

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