Local and scanners moved to ship stats

Its 2022, Local load times and scanner range and reliability should be related to the ship you fly. For example, Battleships should both load local and pick up new people local faster because of the extra hardware on board. Then you can add rolls to certain ships that bonus delayed local appearance by 1-2 seconds or vice verse pick up new local threats 1-2 seconds faster. Let us say the base local load delay for a cruiser hull is 10 seconds, battleship 8, and frig 12. Frigs have a base 8 au scanner, cruisers 15, and battleships 25.

Base scanner reliability should be like 80% with skills raised to 90% then ship stats + or - it.

Drone ships have the worst Local and scanners as the drone control equipment seriously messes with both. While also makes you appear in local much faster to anyone jumping into your system. Why, because drone ships are not op but certainly very effective at nearly everything. This would add some balance.


Why though

How convenient. Why not an Invulnerability module while you’re at it.

Why not: Drones function on a dedicated network, not even on same frequency as Local and Scanners and so do not affect other nearby hardware.

  1. Because EVE has a massive bot issue this will help to tackle it.

  2. it will both embrace and offer some counters to alliance intel channels. They are things not going anywhere and are not really factored into the eve mechanics.
    They will add a new dimension to gameplay as it will make tactical info more valuable and at the same time more unreliable.

  3. It will offer a balance to what is kinda op jack of all trades drone ships.

  4. it opens a path to some new toys that may not appear in local at all.

5 its a compromise between the local should go and locals go I quit camps.

Requiring a structure for local outside of empire is a far better local compromise.

Ccp could easily solve the “bot problem” unfortunately they make up a sizable chunk of their income. This is why they do only enough to mitigate rather than remove.

Your idea does nothing to limit the ability of large coalition Intel channels only smaller alliances.

Finally it’s been years since drone boats were OP it took nearly a decade but they were ultimately pulled back in line

The most active ships should be the ones with the faster D-Scan/Local speeds. One could say that the most nimble ships should be able to be more alert about what’s happening around them.

At the same time, smaller ships always have more room to disengage/warp out so a slower Scan speed balances out :thinking:

Anything that is cloaked and inactive should have significant delays to scan speed, and I definitely agree on Drone boats being slower at scanning, would open one operational weakness to using them, and they are indeed the more easily bot-able ships, so it would be a nerf to that too.

In any case, excellent idea OP.

Also, it’s high time D-Scan gets automated, there is nothing to gain from it asking for a click.

You’d think that after figuring out lightspeed travel, the engineers of New Eden would have also figured that out.

There is a lot to gain. Namely a good resistance to using it.

It’s one of the first things to start lapsing when a party starts to fatigue

D scan shouldn’t be automated. But like I said it’s high time it was revised. There are too many systems that are just so massive that 14au is a joke and you can never find anyone in them in a good time frame.
But it’s also 100% accurate in that 14 aU.

Like it also shouldn’t be able to define between say a Vexor, a Navy Vexor or an Ishtar at far ranges.
That definition should come the closer it is. And also be a ship stat and skill. D directional Scan definition or something

Maybe rather than changing d-scan we keep it as a tool used to gain base level information of your immediate area.

To make up for this let’s add in a new set of tools for scanning an entire system. We could even add in inaccuracies that could be made up for with skills as well as techniques. Maybe even some modules or entire ships dedicated to it.

Honestly I think this is much cleaner and I’m surprised such a system doesn’t already exist.


This an un-needed change LOL.

Basically this is just a stealth nerf ishtar thread yawn.

Must be the alt of that other guy who was ranting about ishtars earlier :smiley:

Also the idea is just plain stupid. BS’s should do it faster, but drone ships slower?

So hows that work with the Domi?

You realize most ships have some drone capacity.

So how would that work?


This is just a terribad idea :smiley:

Yea I’m not sure where all the random ish hate is coming from LOL.

There is plenty operational weakness to using them. You guys just suck at the game :smiley:

Mm no. Ain’t our fault you’re too lazy to press a hot key and got blapped. Cry moar :smiley:

Ain’t our fault you suck at scanning :smiley: Learn to EVE kthx.

So… the scanner can’t tell what kind of ship it is. But we have the technology to make functionally immortal humans.

Um. Did you just start mainlining the quafe today or

They were a problem for most of eves life. And were pretty oppressive for over half a decade. So it comes from vets who still hold a grudge (or haven’t actually played in a while) and from newer players who read the hundreds of reddit and forum threads that still exist on them.

Kinda like how people are still petrified of nuclear power do to incidents from the last millennium.

I mean they fixed the drone thing in missions a long time ago.

I remember when the myrm dropped and people went nuts haha.

It was more their role in pvp that was the big problem. I still have nightmares of the death ball back before there was a limit to how many could be assigned to a single pilot.

Ahh yea.

I lost my fav ish to the damn triangle lames.

That hull didn’t deserve a death like that. It killed countless peeps and survived so many battles, only to be killed by triangle lames.

People like you always make me laugh.

You think people have the same relationship with this game as you do, and thus if they don’t see things your way, they must have done “something wrong”.

Sorry, but I didn’t get blapped because of D-Scan, poor fit choices were more an issue. I just objectively see no positives in asking people to repeatedly click a button for something so minute and boring (when local is automated for example).

But hey, don’t let me get in your way of showing off how leet you are in things less and less people care about. Especially when I know that the reason some of you are so scared of D-Scan being automated is that it would reduce the number of people you could catch in “involuntary” PvP, but I have a news flash for you, you will still catch less people simply because less people are playing this game, automating D-Scan would at least have saved you some clicks.

The solution is not to catch more people through obtuse and annoying mechanics (the classic EVE formula), but to grow the number of targets through a more enjoyable game. Something people of your kind have trouble figuring out.

… if it’s so minute don’t bother with it. Though I feel you’re just being disingenuous and do indeed understand the importance and strength of this tool.

Can you give me an example of any meaningful activity in eve that isn’t pvp?

I’m not sure how it’s obtuse pressing a button isn’t exactly intensive or difficult to figure out. If you don’t like eve and ayah to pay a different game you can go do that. But the only thing keeping eve around at all is its niche. The further they move away from that the fewer people log in. There are plenty of far more popular and better put together theme parks out there.

Huh? Whose my “kind”? :smiley:

And someone seems a bit emotional about a hot key :smiley:

I’m guessing you did get blapped cause you can’t press V or whichever you switched it to.

It’s ok bruv. Better luck next time :smiley:

And if people get caught cause they can’t or won’t use d-scan? Yea that’s on them bruv.

But keep crying tho. It is delicious :smiley:

So, bring back deep space probes?

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