Local Market services (Once more into the breach, My friends)

There have been several posts in here saying what a good Idea a local market service for Atrahaus’ and up would be. Because they have been closed, I want to reopen the discussion and maybe put a new spin on it. Particularly in the WH environment, this would be a helpful feature. I recently had an experience where a small battle was being waged in the system where I have set up shop. A couple of the participants tethered up and sent me a message, asking if I had such and such (I didn’t). Got me to thinking and looked into putting a market service into my station, but found the service only goes into Forti’s and bigger. Which caused me to think some more (no wonder I went to bed with headache last night). It would really be nice to be able to set up a market in a WH environment that would be local ONLY to that station. You would have to dock up, or at least tether, to see what was for sale; Sell Ships, Modules, Ammo, Boosters, etc. ( I imagine Scan Probes and Explorer ships would be a huge selling item in these types of markets.) Anybody could buy or sell, as long as they have access to the station. (Have not figured how to handle a seller who loses access while having items on the market yet. Seems to me it could be misused both ways if no protections were implemented). This way, sales could take place even if there were no occupants in station.

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