Location of Certain PVE Question

If I want to ask about a certain PVE site that isn’t a mission, should I post in the missions forum or not? I cna’t post it just under PVE only

I would recommend using the eve university wiki, it does contain most sites.


Just type the name of the site you are looking for, google works just fine too but most of the time the first result is E.uni wiki

Yes, you would have to ask it under Missions. PVE is only a super-category for all PVE related things that houses the sub-forums for the specific PVE aspects.


Has nothing to do with missions, so why post it there?

Neither do questions about Guristas Kestrel or Bad Abyssal drops but they are getting posted in the Missions sub-forum anyway because people don’t pay attention. Technically, if it’s not a mission it should go under Exploration Gameplay Center but it begs the question why that is its own category and not listed under PVE Gameplay. Makes no sense why Exploration has its own super-category instead of being listed in the PVE Gameplay Center as Exploration Known Space/Exploration W-Space sub-forums to actually have all things PVE in the place that is meant to be “The place to post and read about all things PVE.” :person_shrugging:


It gives me info on the rats, but there are some details I wanted to ask

Well, anything related to hacking isn’t PVE but is exploration so having exploration inside PVE doesn’t make much sense either

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