Lock column width option

Could we please be able to lock our chosen column width inside our windows?

I’ve spent some time carefully picking the right width in chat channels, overview, dscan channels in order to maximise the useful information I can get with limited screen size, but find myself sometimes accidentally dragging the columns around when I just want to click on the data inside. And then I suddenly only see the first two digits of the velocity, or no alliance name.

Being able to lock column widths would fix that issue.

Tying it to the already existing ‘lock window and position’ would be the best solution in my opinion, but having a separate toggle to lock column width would also be welcome.


A second (related) request:

Could we get a way to synchronise column choices (and widths) between multiple overview tabs?

I like that we can pick separate setups for individual overview tabs, but the majority of my overview tabs will use the same set of columns, and preferably the exact same widths.

Making all those tabs use the same widths by hand takes time (and is easily undone when you accidentally drag the unlocked column).

For example, it would be great if I could define two or more custom overview column presets, like:

  1. Distance, Velocity, Name, Type, Alliance
  2. Distance, Name, Type, Alliance

Each with their own defined widths, so that I can use the second overview preset for my ‘System’ and ‘Warp’ tabs that only contain static non-moving objects, and the second preset for everything moving where ‘velocity’ makes sense. And that if I adjust the width of a column of one of the overview tabs, the preset changes, synchronising it with all my overview tabs that use that preset.

Right now I have to adjust it all by hand, and if I change something in one tab, I then have to change it in the next tab too, and the next, and next.

Synchronising the overview tabs based on a chosen preset would make that a lot easier for me.


yes, please . or an option to set width numerically .

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This is a little bit of a necro but this was a feature under the old UI and isn’t present in the new one. I find it extremely irritating, especially since I’m a bit OCD about these things.

I personally run 8 overview tabs and having to manually go through and align all the columns on every single tab on every single client to match is extremely irritating and a problem introduced by Photon UI that was not present in the old UI.

The old UI had a columns section that is missing from the new Photon UI overview: https://i.imgur.com/Tunt5PS.png

Above image taken from CCP’s own (out of date) support page.


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