[LOCK/DELETE] Issue solved

(Dorvius) #1

EDIT: I solved this issue thanks to in-game messages from another player. The issue was caused by my using a email address based in a different country than my current one of residence. By changing the email I was able to see the prices as they should be for my current location. Please lock or delete this thread at the earliest convenience; There’s nothing of value in the posts here written by myself and others.

I’m currently located in the United States, and my account has been created and operated entirely within this country. Why are all the prices (subscription, PLEX) showing in Euro for me? This isn’t just a small difference- We’re talking a whole heck of a lot more cost since they literally just change the $ to €. (My friend tried looking at the PLEX page on his account and this proved to be the case)

How can I fix this? Why would it be showing as such in the first place? If I have to be stuck in this godforsaken state for nine months I should at least get to take advantage of your far cheaper prices.

(Zarek Kree) #2

Class. Pure class. And welcome to our country.

(Dorvius) #3

Note I said state. Not country, state.

I’m sure there are plenty of awesome places in the wider USA. The place I am currently staying is not one of them.

(Zarek Kree) #4

Oh, well then that’s fine then. While you’re at it, feel free to talk smack about my mother and sister as well. As long as you don’t criticize me, then why should I care?

By the way, let me commend you for the brilliance of joining a game, insulting a major demographic playing the game and then asking for help. Smart.

In the spirit of graciousness though, I actually wrote an entire paragraph detailing exactly what your likely problem is. And then I realized that as an American, graciousness isn’t my thing, so never mind. You’ll figure it out eventually.

(Dorvius) #5

@Zarek_Kree You want to play that way, fine! Feel free to judge me.

It’s not like your countrymen openly mock my accent when I go to Walmart, the only store in this town of less than 900 people in the middle of West Virginia. It’s not like I’m stuck somewhere I’d rather not be, surrounded by in-laws who have an open contempt for me as the homosexual who ‘corrupted’ their son despite the fact I’ve made every possible effort to be amicable towards them. It’s not like we’re here for the grim and sobering task of taking care of my SO’s great-grandfather of 109 as he approaches the end of his life.

No, no. You were right to be offended by me! How dare I suggest that one location within your country was not perfect and great and wonderful because I should be so ■■■■■■■ happy to be here. Clearly you know everything you need to know to judge my character as a person just because I expressed dissatisfaction with a specific state in your union. I’m sure you have never written a post expressing dissatisfaction with a place or person when you were emotionally spent and stressed to the limits.

Thanks for the help. An ISD can close or delete this thread if they want, I sorted out my issue with assistance from a different user.

(Zarek Kree) #6

Glad you got it sorted. Enjoy your stay.

(Dan Morvis) #7

Inb4 the lockdown, so I must add, what a hell of an interesting cat fight. I applaud both.
EDIT: Also, the OP kind of bummed me out, I thought he called the whole US a “state”, as in “a state of the british empire”, as not even recognizing its country status. I was all like:

(Zarek Kree) #8

I live to entertain. :grinning:

(Boldly Gone) #9

Well, in Germany the state (“Bund”) is consisting of 16 “Länder” (literally “countries”), perhaps it’s a missunderstanding based on cultural difference which builds up to brawling.
Hello World.
Anyway I like this “There’s nothing of value in the posts here written by myself” :slight_smile:

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #10

People in West Virginia mock any accent? lol - that’s hilarious! :smiley:
My sympathies for having to go to walmart.