Locked myself out as owner from player channel - solution?

Hi there, I created my own player channel today and was playing around a bit when I accidentally locked myself out as the owner. I’m now just listed as operator and can’t seem to get my “admin rights” back.

Is there any way to revert this change?

I already tried to create another channel with the same name, but obviously that is not possible.
I also couldn’t find a way to delete the channel.

Further suggestions?

Create a support ticket and have GMs deal with this crap.

You can try to delete the channel via the Channels list. Right click the chat under Player Chats or My Chats (whatever sill exists) and use Delete Channel. If that doesn’t work, see the first paragraph.


You can only hold one type of title, owner or operator or member. You can not be owner and operator for example. I can help you with this and restore your character to owner but you will have to file a support ticket.

Ok, I’ll get in touch within the next few days. Thanks!

May I ask… how did you do this?
I’ll try not to laugh, I promise, and I’m sincerely curious just so I know what not to do.


I created a new channel, went into options. There was the option to set myself as operator. I wasn’t aware what that meant so I was curious to find out, saved, and lost my admin rights in the process. I really did not expect that I would be able to lock myself out, respectively that it would require someone else to take over as owner.

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