Locked out of IChooseYou Perimeter

(RaptorJesus17) #1

It’s Back Up!

(Obsidian Blacke) #2

He chose someone else.

Why don’t you message him and ask? :slight_smile:

(Sabriz Adoudel) #3

The game needs a citadel named Pikachu to go with this one

(IChooseYou) #4

Sorry about this. No one was “locked out”, but the market did go offline for about 15 minutes. Was dealing with stuff and I guess I clicked a wrong button. As soon as I received the aforesaid in-game mail I rectified the issue. All is well now. Cheers.

(Lucious Cornelious Patrouette) #5

Just got locked out of the Botane (Dodixie) market.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #6

I was in the Dodixie market yesterday, and saw that the station was at 0 shields and coming out of reinforcement soon after.

I assume someone shot up its armor.

Edit to clarify: Yesterday means about time of post minus 18 hours.

(Lucious Cornelious Patrouette) #7

All my IChooseYou orders in Botane are gone. Caveat emptor! (let the buyer beware).

(Brock Khans) #8

Sounds like @IChooseYou needs a fuel block manager :joy:

(IChooseYou) #9

The botane hub was attacked and destroyed by Eve-Mogul/MC. If you join the “IChoseYou Markets” mailing list you should be informed with respect to any such developments in the future. As it stands, we do not expect any further hubs to be attacked, but we remain cautious.

(system) #10

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