Log entry de-cloak by entity

Suggestion: can we get a log entry in the logs when you get de-cloaked by an entity?

So what happend is that I got into a system cloaked, and warped off to a belt at 100km now still thinking I was cloaked, I wanted to start looking around, so I warped back to a gate at 100km, and just started watching what was going on.
shortly after I got targeted by the triglavians and they killed me.
so I tried to find out what went wrong, since I was really really sure I was cloaked.
But because I wan’t paying attention to my modules, I didn’t see I got de-cloaked. Also the logs give no insite into "player got de-cloaked by entity (astoroid, ship, structure)
I think this would be very usefull information for the player to improve himself if he of she can check and see what happend.
like in the same way a log entry is made when you are warp scrambled, targeted or shot.

Hope to hear your thoughts about this log improvement.
It would also take away a lot of doubt, about did you actually cloak up?

Thank you for reading this post.

The logs aren’t meant to record everything you do during the entire game, and they mostly just record the existing combat messages.

That’s not to say this wouldn’t be useful, but ultimately I don’t see how this helps anyone improve. There are tons of things and tons of ways for a player to get decloaked. Including but not limited to passing too close to something as your ship enters or exits warp.

The solution is to pay attention to your modules, especially if you’re flying a cloaky, and a log change won’t help you with that.

There is already a warning sound, this is unnecessary, pay attention to your modules.

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