Log in issues

anyone else having a issue with the play button not responding at the launch window , and part two any types on how to get it to work have ran out of ideas while waiting to hear back

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Have you tried looking in the sub-forum ‘Issues, Workarounds and Localization’?

Might get an answer in the ‘Eve Launcher’ section.

There’s also an option in the Launcher to verify the integrity of downloaded files and to purge excess files. In the top right corner of the Launcher is an ‘E’ icon, click that and select ‘Shared Cache’, then select the option to verify the files. After that’s complete, I suggest close and then re-open the Launcher and see if you can log into the game.

As a last resort, delete and reinstall the game might fix the issue. Wish I could be more helpful.

I will frequently encounter a lack of responsiveness in the launcher after logging out, clicking links, or forgetting to sacrifice a chicken to the proper deity.

I resolve this by simply closing and relaunching the browser and/or purging the cache as @DeMichael_Crimson suggests. I’m on a Mac, so YMMV.

If it’s a persistent issue that is more chronic than what I describe, reinstalling or opening a help ticket is probably a good idea.

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