Log in rewards skins. For it being "random" it seems I can only get Halcyon Dawn skins

So, since the log in rewards change, every time a skin has dropped, it has been a Halcyon Dawn skin.

I don’t like the skin, and have never bought one. I only bring this up, to prove my point.

I was under the impression that these were handed out randomly, but the fact that out of the 26 chances to roll for a skin, i’ve gotten a Halcyon down, it doesn’t seem to be random at all.

Am I misunderstanding something, or is this an actual bug?

I’ve had a few non halcyon dawn ones. Purity of the throne, one I can’t remember that puts red lines all over the ship. I also seem to recall getting a spirit one. (The ones with the red and the camo)

It stands to reason you’d get the ugliest skin most commonly.