Halcyon Dawn SKIN line: Is it Finished?

Or will there be some other means to acquire them?


It would also be nice to know if there will be another way to get a random skin from past events (you had such chance with random SKIN as a daily login reward).

When SKINS first came out, ccp intended on the event only skins to be just that. For that event and only that. For the most part they stuck true for most skins. Only a few they brought back for certain events

If you’ve been logging in daily for even the past 2 years, you’ve already got every skin possible.

I disagree, there were over 400 SKINs available through the daily login system. Permanent SKINs were given out since 2022-04-05 and you could get one SKIN every four days on averge. So even if you were logging every day, you would get ~200 SKINs.

Even if you would keep logging for the past 9 years, doing all one time events and getting majority of the 148 “returning event skins”, you would still not be able to collect a full Halcyon Dawn set. But I agree that someone who diligently kept logging daily and doing all the one-time events would be close to complete the Halcyon Dawn set.