Logg in 'Bug

Hello @ all sorry for my bad englisch .

So i have 2 Accounts in client saved and i can logg in with this 2 accounts.

But the problem is if I manually log in the other 2 accounts I land after the password input again in the window for logging

Next problem i will logg in in eve account management and the hompage say {“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“Some parameters are either missing or invalid”}

so what now ?

Same thing here when i try to log into the site for account management. Launcher also isn’t connecting when i try to log in to play.

Yes, same problem here. And I just upgraded to Omega yesterday, hrmpf.

same problem here too

Already posted a fix for this in a couple other posts. Login to the online account management site. It will give you a login error. Open a new browser window and go there again and now it will show you are logged in. Now change your password. NO LESS THAN 12 CHARACTERS. once you do that you should be able to login to the site and TQ without issue. Sisi won’t recognize your new password so no test server stuff.

Loggins bug…srry

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