Login.eveonline.com / ESI authorizations, and support.eveonline.com all throwing 500 internal server errors or other errors

Been trying to add characters to ESI auths for corp application, getting errors when accessing these pages.
on support.eveonline.com specifically, the 500 internal server error happens when I attempt to view the 3rd party applications page to view my authorizations. When it occasionally does let me in, it shows that I have authorizations in place for the app that I was applying to, but the website of the application is not showing any authorizations

on login.eveonline.com, it simply gives the error “An error occurred” in a gray box immediately after logging in

All servers are under DDoS attacks, disconnecting people, making logins nearly impossible and generally just messing up the game. I just game here to see if I can find anyone else complaining about it.

someone needs to pay the CDN bill

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