EVE SSO repeated errors

Ive been having an issue that seems to be intermittently occurring when trying to auth to any system using the Eve online SSO, including the forums.

I have been unable to narrow it down to a time of day, region, browser, or even account. It seems that every time I log in there is a coin flip on if I will get an error 400 (or recently 500) or if it will accept my login and continue to 2FA where there is another coin flip to see if that will error. traceroute, ping and other ESI checks are showing nothing wrong to me despite the inability to use stuff like pathfinder, galaxyfinder, or even the forums if I don’t already have a valid cookie and ESI auth.

I had to try logging in 4-5 times to even get authed on the forums to post this.

This might not be the right section to post this in, but I was getting annoyed at repeated failure and just wanted to get the complaint out

E-mail EVE-online support with your connection details (like, your ISP, locality and such) and see if they know anything about it.
It may also be simply a case of malfunctioning router at your end.

I’ve verified it with other people in different regions which is why I think its more likely CCP’s end

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