Unable to login - and error 500

I’m unable to auth via the launcher and I’m getting error 500 when trying to auth via the website.

also received the following error when using the support page:

MIDDLEWARE ERROR : We were unable to log you in to the EVE Online Help center because our login middleware seems to be acting up.

ERROR REFERENCE CODE: 76b57cf9-7163-4511-9211-a2fa32299717

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same for me and my 2 chars

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I get this error and can’t log in either: “There was an error validating your account, please try again later”

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My post has had allot of views in 20 mins, so I’m guessing quite a few people are experiencing the same issue.

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Same here if you log off you cant log im.

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Same here too

login issues!!! get to work

Does tech support work on weekends?

and before people say delete the login and login again from fresh, already tried that.

login servers are still down

CCPlease! Simply start them again :smiley:

Seems everybody from CCP sleeping …

Please help CCP…

Same here! :-/

Same thing here… unable to log in… reinstalled the game nothing… must be login server down.

Yea i reinstalled also, and now i know it was for nothing…

Seems to be working again now

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working for me now too.

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Issue resolved folks, back to the frey!

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