Loki Changes?

Well it is simple question. What has changed? Every single Loki I have is useless because no matter what I do I come short of PG. Sub skills are still on 5 and still the same implants. Getting really tired of it all…

Back in the summer the Tech III Cruisers had a redesign of their subsystems. Fits will have to change to adapt.

It has changed in the past week or so. before that it was fine. I mean that the fitting i had on Monday does not work now.Fitting This is what i get when I simulate a fitting I just used a week ago

Sounds like something is bugged. There has been no changes to the Loki. Try clearing your cache and if that doesn’t work, make a ticket.

Just now boarded one of my Lokis which I reimagined after the summer T3 changes, and it’s fine - just as it has been for a matter of months now.

All t3 cruisers now have less confusing subsystems and configurations. And the “bad” subsystems are useful now.

You’re probably in the wrong clone or missing a pg implant.


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