Lolipop Monopoly [LOLI] Is recruiting individuals & Small corps!

“The only ticker that will send you to Anime Hell!”

L̶o̶l̶i̶c̶o̶n̶ AHEM Lolipop Monopoly, formerly a meme alliance now wants to be taken semi-seriously! Setting up in the region of Fountain in partnership with The Celestial Empire [CECA], now looking for people to help develop and defend our piece of space! You’d get the perfect ticker for meming on scrubs when you get killmails too!

What Can LOLI in partnership with CECA offer YOU?:

  • Coalition Level SRP Buyback Programs for all sorts of items
  • Seeded Market out in Null
  • Fortizar for docking bigger toys
  • Moon Goo getting places
  • Industrial Capacity including an Azbel
  • Decent Ratting Space for all your Krabbing Needs
  • Constant PvP Fleets & Content c/o CECA Stratops

Looking for: Corporations & Individuals that are willing to:

  • Give null a try Host their own corp level activities (PvP, PvE, Etc)
  • Be patient with a budding alliance.
  • Go on Defence Fleets & CTAs when online.


  • Being not dead
  • SeAT Verification (Through CECA)
  • Can tolerate some amount of weebness that leadership can sometimes show
  • Teamspeak & Discord

Corps within LOLI currently Recruiting

  • Auraxis Small Scale Mining Corporation (AUXMC)
  • Beetle Milk Industries (BNIPS)
  • Neko Laboratories and Technologies (NNEKO)

Is your corporation looking to head out to nullsec? Perfect! [LOLI] has several Corp slots open to the public! With our part of null ready for habitation, it’s the perfect place for your corp to grow!
Corp Application Contact: Kyun Kim Park (In-Game) | Thermionix#8338 (Discord)

Join our Discord for more information & Recruitment:
In-Game Pub Channel: LolipopMonopoly
Alliance KB: Lolipop Monopoly | Alliance | zKillboard

Don't forget the big ships.

Still recruiting! Looking for people and corps who wanna try and move out to null!

New player friendly! Working on a Newbro Starter ship set program for those joining! Still Recruiting!

(unintentional bump, might as well own up to it, my bad)

Open to all Timezones! AU/US/EU/Asia! Still Recruiting!

Still Open to those interested in both PvE & PvP! Heartbeats wanted!

Micro corps of 5-10 active members are welcome to inquire about joining! LOLI is still recruiting!

Still looking for more Individuals & Corps to join our endeavors! Join our discord to learn more!

New Propaganda on the way!
We are still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

We are NOT Renters! We are still recruiting!

Growing more everyday! Still recruiting!

Now over 50 Members! And Still recruiting!

Corp Highlight: Auraxis Small Scale Mining Corporation (AUXMC)

Still Recruiting!!

We are still Recruiting! We like cracking cold ones with the bois! (And compressing them in the rorqs)

Growing more everyday! Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still welcoming newcomers! Accepting members from all blocs!

Still recruiting!

Looking for new Recruits! Join our discord for more info!

Still recruiting!