Lone Star Mining and Industrial Corps - High Sec Mining Recruiting

Basically what the title says. Small corporation, in a .5 system with some moon ore, ice, and rocks. Looking for some players to join us. Daily Orca boosted fleets.

Chill people, doing mining before hitting missions, anomalies, etc.

No drama, we do offer a buy back program. New player or returning player friendly.

Hope to see you out there. Fly safe.

Just a daily bump as I mine asteroids while waiting for Clear Icicle to spawn.

Adding a bump, had a few join and making some fuel blocks now. Good things happening in our sector of space. Come join us and check it out.

Growing slowly and making ISK every day, so a bumpity Bump Bump for miners.

Kicked off a nice size production of fuel blocks and working with some haulers to move/sell material for the corp. Slowly growing, making more contacts, contracts, and ISK. Come join us. Ice is up and it is crisp and cool.

Man, I think I might have frost bite from snow shovelings all that ice into the ship today. Plus side I can warm up by counting all my ISK. Would love to have more peeps join me out here on the edge of Amarr space. Bump.

Daily bump. Corp growing and working out agreements with industrial minded haulers to move fuel blocks, compressed ice blocks and other things to market or to wormhole space. Low stress ISK to be made in a growing corporation, come fly with us.

Another corp’s mining fleet successfully completed, Ice and ISK all around.

We are growing and adding more pilots to our roster. If you want a social, industrial corps where people chat in discord, fleet up, provide boosts with Orcas (or Porpoise), and just aren’t into shennanigans come give us a try out on the fringe of Amarr space. Small, friendly, and we get stuff done.

Bumpity Bump Bump.

Im interested, im a returning player but am not very experoenced, my biggesnt interest is mining and industrial. Is the corp name Lone Star Mining and Industrial Corps or just Lone Star Mining?

Sorry for delay. “Lone Star Mining and Industrial Corps” is the name in game, chill people mining, building, missioning. Think we have 30K plus fuel blocks rolling off the assembly line today for sale and will be firing it back up. Our stations boost refining and engineering and very very soon Moon Pop with moon goo for everyone.

Always looking for more pilots to join us, chill in Discord, and talk about exploits. Come fly with us. And that is the daily Bump.