LoneStar Industries wants you!

One of the oldest corporations in the game (LoneStar Industries) is looking for experienced and non-experienced capsuleers to join our corporation that is based on industrial ideals.

  • What we do:

Mine - high sec and wormhole space.
Construct - use of our corporate facilities in order to build your own empire!
Missioning - the standard missioning that we can team up, or help you with.
Wormhole Operations - We have 2 wormholes that we have citadels and do regular operations.
Access to low security via alliance - we have low security access for ratting and PVE content.
Do your own thing - you are not obligated to follow the corp into any operations. You may use our facilities and just be a good friend and chat with us.

  • What we don’t want:

Pirates! - we are an anti pirate corp (its bad for business!).
Not following the rules - we expect you to follow corp rules and especially low sec alliance ones.
Respect - we have been playing this game for a long time. We do not tolerate bad behavior.

If you want to apply, please contact me via mail or in game for more information. A get-to-know time period will be required. Do not be afraid to join us in the Lonestar public channel.

Recruiting is still open!

You may also contact Elle Stormweiver, or Carrie Laderie alternatively.

If you find no answer in the channel, please mail me so I can get in touch with you.

Recruiting is still open!

Still looking for industrialists and miners! Come join us!

Thank you all for your responses! More places are up for grabs!

Lonestar Industries is recruiting new pilots! Come join us!

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