Looking for 5 bill uncollateralised loan

ganna answer a few questions off the bat

why do i need 5 bill ? well i need a old character of the character bazzar so that i can get into a corp and steal stuff and a old character whoud be easier to get in then a 6 day old alt

how? cant rlly tell you that much but the basic is gaining trust

how long wil lit take? unsure of this atm

anymore questions eve mail me in game

you are a scammer

yes i am but maybe not the one your thinking of

Ah dude…i think you just started and ended your Eve career with 1 post…

i think i did yes

Following for the entertainment quality alone.

Also, would have done better in market discussion.

Hey can someone loan me 5b without collateral so I can scam people for items and isk… off course take my money I’ll give you 10b

Isk sent.

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