Looking for a business partner

I am currently looking for a player who would be willing to partner up with me to make ISK and grow an organization.

This organization would be an alliance with many corps within it, each corp would play a role. (security, mining etc etc) Some corps would be laid back for any players and some would be quite strict.

Our main goal would be to become one of the most known alliances in all of EVE.

SOME things we can offer right now:

  • Moon mining
  • Dockable home stations to keep your stuff

Joining this movement today would secure your place as an “OG” of sorts. An original member who could climb the ranks and look back at what we have done knowing they were there the entire time.

The partner I seek will need to be willing to put in work for this org and prove that we are going to be able to get along and have some of the same ideas.
I am taking this seriously and will treat this like a real organization. I expect partners and high ranking members to do the same.

Thanks for your time.
Please contact me (in-game) with ANY questions you have.
Kronic Omanid
Death Is Everywhere

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