Looking for a caldari hs corp

hi there im looking for a corp in the forge area in high sec.
corp can be in an alliance.
looking for a mining/indy corp in an alliance that likes to do everything that eve has to offer.
feel free to leave an answer here or mail ingame (pedrena kashuken).

I HAVE NEARLY 80M SP and i can pvp/pve/mine

surely there must be a hs corp in caldari space looking for new blood

Hi! How fixed are you on the HS part? Would an independent NS corp who owns the alliance just on the HS border (12 jumps to Jita) corp be of interest? All the bonuses of being in Null (which in some cases is safer than HS) including all the PVE infrastructure and very few of the Null downsides. Appeciate everyone has their preference, but I hope we get a chance to chat

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