Looking for a 'conservative or right wing' corp

Dear Eve Online community,

I recently joined a ‘corp’, which in the beginning was fine, relaxed and friendly, This led me to assume that the corp. was friendly and did not have any heavy political leanings. However, my short lived assumption turned out to be wrong as the days passed by. It all started as one of my corp mates started talking about racism and related topics. The leaders suddenly took a very one sided stance and soon were putting all the blame on the alt-right and conservatives.

As they continued to push their radical leftist agenda. I being a conservative was heavily offended. Instead of spouting baseless statements as my leftist leaders did, I proceeded to address their lies and deception through the use of logic, reason and facts. The showdown escalated quickly and through their desperation they banned me from comms. I am yet to find out whether I have been kicked from corp or not and will soon find out when I get home.

Nevertheless, even if im not kicked from corp, I plan to leave after a couple of days, as I cant stand their toxic and baseless blabbering.

This is why I have now initiated to find and join a corp which is closely related with my political leanings, hence this post.

Im an alpha newbie being playing for a month now, however, I have learned alot and am thorough with most of the basics and have slowly gotten use to the steep learning curve. still much to learn though.

I will be looking forward for your replies and posts :slight_smile:

sincere regards,
Donwolfy Trump


That’s a big problem in the world today.
People can see things differently yet still interact correctly.
This is a good example of why online games are not a good place to argue…er…“discuss” politics.


a good friend once told me Politics is part of day to day life, the act of choosing sides is itself involving politics. those who say that they arnt political either dont know about it, or know about it and using it by pretending not to know about and and throwing the issue to the side all together. just think about it…also dont the corps use alot of heavy politics?


I think you’re looking for TISHU.


Good luck.

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I think what you want are peiple with common senss. Aslong everyone respects each others opinion is all that matters! But i do agree finding the perfect group takes time. Best of luck!

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What you’re looking for is a nice little corp called Republican Space Rangers…

Op, I think the problem here is that people are even talking about real life politics in the context of Eve. I happen to know from personal conversations that many people in my corp share certain real world political views, but we do not discuss it in-game or on our Discord. There’s no need for it. It’s not the place for it. If someone starts to bring something like that up, they are typically asked why they are discussing ‘ancient Earth history’ when we have space ships that need blowing up. Sometimes it’s best to not take the bait, and to steer conversation away from such volatile topics. There are many avenues to discuss politics on the internet, Eve is not one of them. A certain amount of people just trolls. Others are just internet jerks. In any case, nobody is changing anybody else’s mind. We’re here to shoot imaginary internet spaceships after all.

Point is, I don’t think you necessarily need a ‘conservative’ corp. You just need a corp whose members are mature enough not to get into politics, religion, etc. If they wish to discuss these things, it’s very easy to take those conversations into private channels.


I’m with others who say that you don’t need a corp that mirrors your political views - you need one that keeps real world politics out of the game. No matter what your beliefs, there will always be people to the left of you and people to the right with whom you’re not going to agree. You could easily find yourself trading “too liberal” for “too conservative” - especially in a corp dedicated to conservative beliefs. It would be a never-ending search to find a corp that perfectly mirrors your political beliefs without being too far left or too far right. Far easier to find one that simply keeps it out of the game entirely - because it doesn’t belong here.

It’s worth noting that I don’t recall ever having had a significant real world discussion about politics in Eve - and I’m extremely politically aware IRL.


If you enjoy PvP/FW and want a competent CEO Join TMOCC (Two Maidens One Chalice). Trust me. I enjoy corps that are okay with talking about politics, calmly, once in a while. The big nullsec corporate office pc enviroment corps where HR enforces no politics as a rule are NOT for me. Reminds me too much of office work.

I’m Jewish, conservative, and Republican, and even I enjoy jokes about Hitler killing Jews once in a while, if it’s extremely terrible and off color.

“In a study done by the University of Vienna, appreciation of black humour directly correlates with intelligence and lower aggression. (Willinger, U., Hergovich, A., Schmoeger, M. et al. Cogn Process (2017) 18: 159. doi.org/10.1007/s10339-016-078…)”

TMOCC: https://ningishzidda.deviantart.com/art/The-Avenging-Angel-Gian-Bal-Varrinox-Golden-740402581

The problem is the op wants to discuss politics, which often means he wants to convince people of his view.

Do you not get enough of this in RL? Personally I am inundated with political views and come to play this fantasy space ship game to avoid it!

Bore off :slight_smile:


Is to strive for world domination conservative, right wing or leftist thing? What should I add to our corp recruitment commercial?


Politics is the lowest form of intellectual discussion. Get some proper philosophy and/or science into your head. If you’re offended by lefties and their silly ideas, you’ll be offended wherever you go, in or out of online games.

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Removed a post regarding real world politics and religion.

I left a Corp because of intolerance and toxic talk on mumble.
Goonswarm does not condone talk of politics, race, sex orientation, etc…
You might look into one of their Corps.

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( OP ) Since you’re fairly new, you might reconsider keeping that character and starting fresh with a random other named new guy.

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