Looking for a fresh start

Being afk for a bit for uni work and such, but I’m looking to get back into the game with a complete fresh start.

My old toons have been biomassed so I’d be joining with a fresh character and considerable assets.
I’m an experienced covops FC and have spent a lot of time doing small gang BlackOps and Supercapital Hotdropping in providence.

Looking for a safe place to mine with a couple rorqs and engage in capital and supercapital pvp

Hey man we are smaller corp that was formed purely for living in null, we are part of a bigger group of players in the area and doing regular mining fleets and plenty of sites to rat.

Looking to expand our capital defence fleet and be able to get involved more in the bigger fights with NC. and PL whos space we live in.

What time zone are you in we are primary EU but a couple of US guys thrown in their too.

The Konvergent League could be what you are looking for.

I will attempt to contact you in-game to discuss you joining us - hope to see you in corp chat soon!

I’m not sure provi is the place for me I’m afraid, I spent last summer hunting them to extinction with cheechgang and my supercarrier

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