Looking for a good hauler with a drones bay

(guigui lechat) #21

It totally depends on the context and the goal.
Here we are on a communication medium, which as its name implies is intended to promote communication.

For this specific goal, aggressivity serves no purpose. of course, for the goal of self praising it may seem interesting, but in the end it is only a symptom of a mental illness.

Because seriously, who cares about someone who gets aggressive on a forum ? He just makes a fool of himself.

(Andrew Indy) #22

And if you don’t want advise or for some one to “ruin” the game for you just don’t read it.

Also the whole point of this OP was to ask for help, god forbid that someone provides it.

what you’re doing is the equivalent of a person trying to “help” his friend, who is sitting next to him trying to play a game he didn’t play yet, but you’ve played through. that person, “you”, can not ever stop telling his friend what comes next,

You can stop reading this thread as can the OP. The “friend” sitting next to you may have a harder time ignoring someone yelling stuff at them. Different situations. Don’t want it don’t look for it.

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