Looking for a good site with ship fittings

I am looking for a website with ship fittings recommendations.

Which are the ones you recommend?

https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/osmium/ships/ its no longer working but here is a list of all the ship fits. When I came back after 4 years I was very upset that Battle Clinic is gone.

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Alright, I have found this site to be useful.


Here are two fittings from the site above displayed easily.


Erebus Titan Ship

There is enough information there for a player to experiment by himself.

Using zkillboard.com searching for the ship you want and filtering by losses. Copy the fit the EFT and then use the copy from clipboard function in game to import the fits.

Copy like 10 fits for a ship, and then review it yourself. Only way to really learn.

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