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I have 3 omega accounts and I like to do a little bit of everything in Eve. I’ve lived in every part of the galaxy and I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m completely self sufficient and I don’t need any hand holding but I’m open to constructive feedback. I don’t want to be tied to any particular activity. I may be mining today, docking up and switching to a PvP ship if hostiles show up, and tomorrow be bashing a citadel or solo hunting in Jspace. I’ll spend 6 hours with you today camping a gate or going roaming, the day after I’ll be working on a FAX build or building POCOs. I may decide to spend a day running Lvl4 missions or using my freighter to haul. I may pack a T2 scanning frigate and go off into NPC null for a few days to find my spirit animal.

Between my 3 accounts I have a maxed fleet booster (all types of boosts, open fleet support and everything is trained to V), multiple PI/cyno alts and production toons. I also have a library in high sec of over 700 BPOs in various stages of research and plenty of interceptor pilots to ferry copies anywhere they need to go. I can build capitals, I have a freighter pilot that is 40 days away from a jump freighter, multiple T2 haulers, and multiple cloaky scanning alts.

All 9 of my toons are in my 1 man corp mainly for convenience. I’m an introvert by nature and get annoyed by corp chat constantly blinking, sometimes I just want to be left alone. If I’m participating in fleet ops, of course I’ll be on voice comms, I just like to go off and do my own thing sometimes. Its so much easier having all of my production toons being able to dip into one corp hangar for research and manufacturing jobs without having to shuffle things around and I like having my own bookmarks. I suppose I would be open to the possibility of joining another corp under the right circumstances but I really like the set up that I’ve got.

I’ve been looking around at the current state of the game and I’m thinking Low sec may be the best fit for me. I don’t want to go to null as a renter with a corp that krabs endlessly and I don’t want to go as a sov holder and have to attend F1 sessions all the time. Are there any corps/alliances out there that would like to have another builder? A builder that will fight as well and just likes to do everything in Eve? Thanks for reading my wall of text. You can reach out to me in game or post a link to your discord server if you’d like to get in touch.

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