Looking for a High sec Corp

HI All,

Returning player, looking to get back into the rough of things, i am looking for any mission running or Indy corps preferably in Caldari high sec. Not afraid to mine to help corp out either.

No matter the size of the corp i am willing to help where i can.
I have a long history and i am willing to answer any questions if needed.
I am UK time zone.
i have 131 million sps

Please leave a note here or pm me in game for a chat.
Many thanks

Hey Madded. Me and a few other guys have just returned to the game, Join us in N-HAK Pub channel in game. Looking for a few more guy UK/EU TZ chill social corp into pretty much what ever takes our fancy.

BUMPING, looking for that corp.

If you’re flexible and willing to try Minmatar space, we would be a great fit. We are a few jumps from Hek, have a nice setup going.

Look no further, you have found it now! Neutral Born Killers are Recruiting



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Hey Maddeb,

I know you said you were looking for caldari HS, but ELTC lives just around the corner in Vale of Silent. Being so close to Jita makes logistics a breeze although our home system market is usually very well stocked. Join on discord if you’re interested.

Hey man, check out Terminus Technologies. Checks most of your boxes - Caldari hisec, Indy corp, plenty of EU guys. They are in The Forge and have a lot of opportunities to pitch in with mining, productions, etc. Moons to mine, corp hauling/buyback, all that good stuff. Active discord. I’m not with them any more but I’d sign back up if I ever was to go back to hisec.

Here’s a reddit recruitment add from a few weeks ago:

Good luck with the search!

I have my corporation named Athial Economics Science. The only issue would be that I’m a newbie. The corporation is focused in profitting from EVE’s market. It doesn’t focuse in wars or PVP, just in trading, mining, manufacturing etc.
You can join it by searching it and applying or just joining the discord (Discord: https://discord.gg/vGyeHzgFxG)

Message me in game.

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